Daily Rosary

The Rosary is a weapon. It can easily be envisioned as a sword wielded to do battle against sin. Pray the Rosary for yourself and others to turn even more from sin and turn to God. The Rosary is a powerful prayer. Use it as a weapon for good and against evil. When you think of the Rosary this way, you may pray with more confidence and realize even more the power of God present in your prayers.

As you pray the Rosary, you get to know God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit better. You reflect on Jesus’ life and you are spending more time with Him as you pray. As you get to know Him more you understand Him more and understand more about His love for you. This leads to a greater love for God.

Why Should You Pray the Rosary Daily

If you very much want to pray the holy Rosary in your home, but unable to pray it regularly you may try our daily Rosary group. We pray the Rosary on a daily basis over zoom (voice only). Connect with Cicily or Ivy to join our daily Rosary group.

Rosary Prayer

Daily Rosary Songs

Way of the Cross

May Vanakkamasam (Mother Mary)

June Vanakkamasam (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Other Prayers

October - Month of the Rosary